Moving To WordPress

I’ve think about it already, i will move to WordPress. But still, i won’t forget Blogger which hosting my blog for around 13 days. Without Blogger, all the stories here will remain empty.

So, welcome WordPress!


Fucked Up Modem

This is the modem that currently in use. It is so fucked up lately which the connection sometimes got sometimes not. U see the telephone looking symbol there? That’s the main problem of this modem. Keep on blinking like a crazy machine which make my internet down.

I play Heroes of Newerth just now and yeah the modem disturb me in the middle of the game and make me disconnect.
I should already post some screenshot about me playing HoN by now but sorry for that, this modem is totally FUCKED UP.


I decided to start using Skype when i see my friend talk about it. My father recommended me using this thing 2 years ago but i reject because this thing is weird for me in that moment. Now i know it’s one of the nicest video-calling messenger thing. Anyway, i’m still new in this Skype and i’m sure i won’t regret getting this thing. U guys should try this if u still didn’t have it. My friend tell me that we can video-call up till 5 people, that’s CRAZY. This sounds fun for me and i’m sure u guys feel the same too.

Do add me :
ID – psycho_stylo
Email –

Take note : I’m not good speak in english. I might just keep my mouth shut or say erm ya erm ya erk when i speak english. So, don’t talk too fast when we speak english.

Marvel VS Capcom 3

Release on 15 February 2011. One of the awesome fighting game i’ve ever play. If MVC1 have Megaman, MVC3 have Zero. OMG, i really can’t wait this to be release but sadly i don’t have the chance to play this game coz i don’t have PS3. Anyway, make sure u guys try it out soon it’s release.

Here is one of the video of it’s gameplay.

Woah, look at that Zero owning the whole match.

RBO – Combo Movies

Oh man, i totally want to play this game really much. Interested because i watch this person called wankelvin make a combo movies. U can find his video inside Youtube. I bet every Ragnarok Fans already try this game. Well, too bad it’s offline. Such an awesome game but it’s offline. Anyway, it’s still a cool game.

Here is the video of this combo movie made by wankelvin. ENJOY!

Take note : He has around 8 videos of RBO combo movies. This is the last one and this is one of my favourite combo movies made by him.

OneWorld RO

Nice picture is it? That’s RO2 wallpaper actually. Anyway, it’s still nice to make it as the login wallpaper. Make it looks different than the others. Nice job admin.

So, the RO is called OneWorld RO. Of course it’s Private Server which is free to play. I can’t afford to play in Official Server and i’m sux enough to play there with bunch of botter and scammer.

Yeah, that’s me taking an advantage on the new server. Why i say like that? That because i’m going to hunt as many item and card as possible before the other join it. I’m evil right? Hehehe.

Take note : The server only have around 2 player so far. That’s good enough for a newly created server which there is still a player who kind enough to join.

Link provided beside.

No More Facebook

Some of them says, “it’s just a rumours“. Some of them says, “OMG, no more FACEBOOK?”.
Whatever it is, this link prove it all :

So, how is ur feeling after reading that?