Bed Time Story With ChuggaAConroy

Hello everybody, it’s ChuggaAConroy. It’s time for a little Bed Time Story.

If u guys looking for a video about Let’s Play i suggest subscribe this person call ChuggaAConroy. U can find him on Youtube. He’s been recently update many videos regarding Nintendo game so far. And yeah all of it is cool.
Okay, here it is the video. This game is call Super Luigi Galaxy which is a Wii game.

Take note the story start at 4:52. Just skip it to that time and watch it till the end. I bet u guys gonna cry like a baby after the story end. I almost cry if u guys want to know. Ok then, ENJOY.


Champion of Newerth !!

This game is call “Heroes of Newerth“. It’s the same as DotA but with a better graphic. I’m not a pro in this game and i get this by luck. This time i use new hero call Myrmidon and yeah this hero is so awesome to use. U guys should try it too.

Here is another picture which i get Hat-Trick. Take note that i get this Hat-Trick before i get Champion of Newerth.

And yeah this game end very well with us winning the game. VICTORY! HELLBOURNE WIN! What a nice match. I hope it will be like this when i play this game again.

Take note that i censored the name because i don’t like troll say they noob or whatever it is troll do say.

AQW: Rank Up! Mage Class, Rank 10

Oh yeah. I am a MAGICIAN now. It’s really a long way to go without anybody helping but i am luckily because lots of people in this game is so kind to help each other. Which i say their attitude it’s not like in the other game which they ignore the NOOBS who is low in lvl and weak. This game totally fun and easy to play. I know most of u guys say this game sucks and so on, but, RUNESCAPE is more of an asshole game than this.

Anyway, let’s celebrate this together, say what?

I like this kitteh jump. ❤

This kitteh wins for it’s EPIC-UTENESS.

Show Me Your S4

I was just finish playing this game a moment ago. Hell yeah it’s totally like what S4 mean, Stylish eSper Shooting Sports. So, when all of this combine it become an EPICLY AWESOME game which is called S4 League. So, if u guys like this game feel free to join in too. U can find the link beside.

I know a picture is not enough to make u guys join this game. Here it is, the TRAILER which is one of the best.

Take note that the link given is not korean server like u see in the trailer. It is an english server.

Let’s blogging.

A good start in 2011 for me. Yes, it is blogging.
So, it suppose to be an intro about myself in this first post and yeah that’s what first post is about is it?
My name is Anas Affandi. My birthday is 12/Sep/1992. I live in Malaysia and our main language is not English but it is Malay. I’m an Asian for sure. 😀

Take note that i use English because i want to improve my English which is global language so that i can communicate with all peoplez. Ok then, i think that’s all for the intro.
Almost forgot to tell u guys that i update my vlog randomly. It’s not everyday. It’s not 1 day per post. It’s random. Sometimes update, sometimes massively update, sometimes didn’t update.
Ok byez. ^.^V